Upper Egypt Local Development Program

The Egyptian government is implementing the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt in the period of 2016-2021, which aims to promote sustainable local development and create productive job opportunities, in order

to reduce poverty in the governorates of Sohag and Qena. Its total expenditures are estimated at 957 million US dollars (of which the IBRD provides a loan of 500 million US dollars)
Raise the competitiveness and economic capacity Raise the efficiency of local units
to provide basic services

Targeted main results: Creating new job opportunities from the private sector Improving the business environment at the governorate level Achieving the objectives of improving the performance of the infrastructure and services provided

Maximizing the number of individual and business beneficiaries from improving and providing the infrastructure and services provided Why Qena and Sohag exactly?
Clear criteria: population, poverty rates, geographical proximity,

economic capabilities, availability of basic services and the readiness of governorates.

Program components: The first component: supporting the competitiveness of the economic sectors Developing competitive sectors

Industrial areas development Developing government services provided to the business sector

The second component: raising the institutional efficiency of the governorates

Addressing institutional and administrative coordination challenges Improving the delivery of infrastructure services

Common elements Involving citizens in all aspects of public services at the governorate level

Enhancing the role of information and communication technology